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Alloy plastics market demand of unlimited potential
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Plastic alloy is a high performance, functional, exclusive of a new class of materials by physical or chemical grafting method blends obtained. With the development of technology and the modernization of the city's construction, plastic alloy products get more and more applications, plastic alloy can be widely used in automotive, electronics, precision instruments, office equipment, packaging materials, building materials and other fields. Plastic alloy can improve or enhance existing performance and reduce costs plastics, plastic alloy plastics industry has become one of the most active species, growing very rapidly.

Research on plastic alloys from the 1960s began, in recent years has been rapid development. According to statistics, China's total plastic alloy (containing the modified resin) consumption is about 1.2 million - 1.4 million tons, while the shortage of domestic supply of 600,000 tons, requires a lot of imports, the annual import volume of up to about 900,000 tons; but our plastic alloy (mainly blending resin and modified resin) is mainly used in home appliances, electronics, automotive and other industries, compared with developed countries, China's material alloy application market there is still much room for development.

With the sustained and rapid development of China's economy, China's market demand for the next few years plastic alloy has great potential, especially the rapid growth of electronic communications, automotive, construction, and will boost the rapid development of engineering plastics alloys industry. 2015, China's five major engineering plastics demand will break the 4 million tons of total demand five synthetic resin reached 58.4 million tons will be, will be one of the world's largest importer of plastic alloy.

Currently, Alloy production of plastics and both are still in the scattered state, yet the formation of scale, the overall level is low, with foreign advanced level far. Structure of the domestic production of varieties of plastic alloys, production of high value-added specialty engineering plastics alloys is nearly blank, basically common plastic. Late strengthen research and development of engineering plastics alloys is expected to expand our new space.

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