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PBT Introduction
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P.Schlack PBT was first developed by German scientists in 1942, after the United States Celanese Corporation (now Ticona) for industrial development, and product names listed Celanex, in 1970 to 30% glass fiber reinforced plastics market, trade name for the X-917, later renamed CELANEX. 1971 Eastman introduced the Lian glass fiber reinforced and non-reinforced products, trade names Tenite (PTMT); same year, GE has developed a similar product, there is no enhancement, enhancement and self-extinguishing in three varieties. Then the world's leading manufacturers in Germany BASF, Bayer, U.S. GE, Ticona, Japan's Toray, Mitsubishi Chemical, Taiwan Shin Kong Synthetic Fibers, Chang Chun Plastics, Nan Ya Plastics and other ranks of the company has put into production, the global total of more than thirty manufacturers.

First, an overview of the poly (butylene terephthalate) (PBT) of

Polyethylene terephthalate, polybutylene terephthalate (Polybutylene terephthalate), also known as polyethylene terephthalate four ester. Referred to as PBT. It is terephthalic acid and a polycondensate of 1,4-butanediol. Known as PBT and PET along with a thermoplastic polyester.

Second, poly (butylene terephthalate) (PBT) characteristics and application

2, PBT application (usually modified varieties);

a, Electronics: connectors, switches parts, household appliances, accessories parts, small electric cover or (heat resistance, flame resistance, electrical insulation, molding processability);

b, car:

1, the exterior parts: the main corner grille, engine hood louvers, etc.;

2, the internal parts: the main endoscopic stays, wiper bracket and control system valves;

3, automotive electrical parts: automotive ignition coil twisted tubes and a variety of electrical connectors.

(PBT for the number of vehicles on less than nylon, polycarbonate and POM, but with the emergence of low warpage PBT, the future is bound to get more applications in the automotive parts)

c, machinery and equipment: video tape recorder tape drive shaft, computer enclosures, mercury lamp, iron hood, baking machine parts and lots of gears, cams, buttons, electronic watches shell, camera parts (with heat, flame retardant)

Three, PBT plastic bonding:

According to different needs, you can choose the following adhesives:

1. TG-3200: single-component room temperature curing adhesive soft elastic shock resistance, high temperature, but the slow bonding glue is usually one day or a few days before the curing is completed.

2. TS-8602 instant adhesive can bond a few seconds or tens of seconds fast PBT, but brittle layer, not water.

3. TE-9270 class, two-component adhesive, glue soft, suitable for PBT large area bonding or composite. However, high temperature performance is poor.

4.TE-9249 class of plastic: two-component glue, high temperature.

5.sili-1706: one-component RTV adhesive, after curing the elastomer has excellent waterproof, shockproof adhesives, high temperature resistance, 1-2mm thickness, then 5-6 hours basic curing, there is a certain strength. Then fully cured at least 24 hours. One component, no mixing, extrusion coated after standing without the need of heating.

Process characteristics of PBT

PBT must be dried prior to injection molding at a temperature of 110 ~ 120 ℃ about 3 hours, the molding processing temperature of 250 ~ 270 ℃, mold temperature controlled at 50 ~ 75 ℃ appropriate. Because the material is cooled from a molten state, it will immediately solidified crystals, so the cooling time is shorter; if improper nozzle temperature control (low), runner (outlet) Yi cooled and solidified, it will appear gag phenomenon. If the cylinder temperature exceeds 275 ℃ or melt residence time over 30 minutes in the barrel, could easily cause decomposition of brittle materials. When required a larger nozzle into the plastic injection molding PBT should not use hot runner systems, mold venting to the good, to use the "high speed, the pressure, the temperature" conditions forming, fireproof material or glass of PBT plus outlet material should not be recycling, when the shutdown required materials and cleaning materials PE or PP pipes, in order to avoid carbonation.
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