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The main purpose of modified nylon and development trend
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Modified nylon engineering plastics in a class, is a nylon material as the base material in them to change their physical properties of granular product formed. Such products output is based on different customer needs and modified production.

Modified nylon characteristics, uses

Modified nylon species generally include: enhanced toughness, wear-resistant, flame retardant, reinforced and flame retardant, weather, electrical conductivity and so on.

1, the thermal properties: Long-term use of high temperature (UL-746B); large temperature range; small thermal expansion coefficient.

2, the mechanical properties: high strength, high mechanical modulus, low creep, high resistance to wear and fatigue resistance.

3, Other: chemical resistance, resistance to electrical resistance, flame resistance, weather resistance, dimensional stability. Such products output is based on the number of manufacturers have different needs modification, the modified nylon has many features, so get in the automotive, electrical equipment, machinery department structure, transport equipment, textiles, paper machinery, etc. widely used.

Trends in the development of modified nylon

Nylon engineering plastics as the largest and most important species, has a strong vitality, mainly after it is modified to achieve high performance, followed by the automotive, electrical, communications, electronics, machinery and other industrial products themselves increasingly high performance requirements the more intense, the rapid development of related industries, and promote the process of high-performance engineering plastics, modified nylon future trends below.

① high strength and rigid nylon growing market demand, the new reinforcing materials such as inorganic whisker-reinforced carbon fiber reinforced PA will become an important species, primarily for automotive engine parts, mechanical parts and aviation equipment parts.

② nylon alloy modified engineering plastics will become the mainstream of development. Nylon alloy is an important way to achieve high performance nylon, and also manufacture of special nylon, nylon primary means of improving performance. By blending other polymers, to improve the water absorption of nylon to improve the dimensional stability of the article, and the low-temperature brittleness, heat resistance and abrasion resistance. Thus, the use of different types of vehicles applicable requirements.

③ nanometer manufacturing technology and application of nylon will be developed rapidly. Advantages of nano-nylon in its thermal properties, mechanical properties, flame resistance, high barrier properties than pure nylon, and nylon manufacturing costs quite ordinary. Thus, with great competitiveness.

④ retardant nylon used in electronic, electrical, appliances growing green flame retardant nylon market more and more attention.

⑤ antistatic, conductive nylon and nylon will become the material of choice for magnetic electronic equipment, mining machinery, textile machinery.

⑥ research and application processing aids, will promote the function of modified nylon, high performance process.

⑦ integrated technology applications, product refinement is to promote the development of its industrial power.
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