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Dongguan Sheng Yi Trading Co., Ltd. is a production and sales of integrated enterprise, customer demand-oriented, specializing in all kinds of high performance, functional engineering plastics product development, production, sale, trade, committed to providing customers with efficient, innovative, high-quality service.

The company provides: PA66, PA6, PC, PP, PPS, ABS, POM, and other thermoplastics modified products, the company has reached a variety of product performance DuPont, BASF of Germany, the United States and some other international brands Solutia material effect.
The current production technology and equipment have reached the international advanced level, the factory has imported advanced twin-screw production lines, advanced testing equipment and a number of senior technical staff, the factory produced with superior cost of raw materials, are in line with the EU ROHS environmental standards, provide UL yellow card, SGS, CTI and other test reports, the factory has achieved ISO14001, ISO9001 and a series of certified plastic material for price and quality requirements for R & D and custom manufacturing according to customer.
Sheng Yi plastics or chemical focus on long-term development, with first-class sales staff, technical staff and managers, and with the world's leading chemical company, with a number of world-renowned chemical companies, including DSM, GE (SABIC Innovative), DUPONT, SOLVAY, LNP, RTP, BASF, BAYER, Out of the light,Treasure the principle, Mitsubishi has a good working relationship present our customers all over: aerospace, electronics, automotive, optical communications, sports equipment and other industries whenever where, if you need any special materials or on the material properties and processing in doubt, only need a phone our trained and experienced engineers will be ready to serve you.

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